Ray Bradbury – No way!

Here we have an awkward but amusing letter from Fahrenheit 451author Ray Bradbury that hints at an embarrassing misunderstanding. I’m afraid I know nothing of the back-story with regards to this note; feel free to chime in below with any information you may have. I’d attempt some research myself but today is a public holiday and as such a perfect excuse not to.

Enjoy your day. 

Transcript follows. The letter was sold at auction in January of this year.


Dear Nard: 

If I recommended adultery, I don’t remember hearing me say it! 
Good Grief, how one can recommend that, would be beyond me. You must have misunderstood something I said! 

No way!

So, be of good cheer! 

We are both Christians together in a difficult world! 

Much love. Survive the summer. Onward into Autumn! and SOMETHING WICKED on the screen at last, we hope. Starts filming in October!

(Signed, ‘Ray’)


About mountiangirl

" Remembering the Past, celebrating the Present and believing in the Future. ∞ The scribbled notes,poems,poetry of our lives." I am a FREE SPIRIT, Mostly known as Mombo " The Mystery Woman " and a rare few call me " Mountian Girl " which they say is an honor and royality. Jerry Garcia - The Greatful Dead - I am a Fiber Artist - Spinning, Weaving and knitting. I am shy and speak little - this is where my PC talks for me. I love music but not rap. But my true love's are humor, old letters,poetry and history of all things forgotten. But also so that the younger generation can read of it too ( gain knowledge ) be it never known or just forgot. There is so much even I don't remember at my ripe young age of 51.
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