The Long and Winding Road.

The song is by the Beetles and can be seen in many ways outside of being written for Paul’s High Park Farm near Campbeltown, Scotland.

It is a love song –

It’s one person talking to another about being “outside the door” of another.
The door is the heart.

The one seeking to be

“let in”

has been on a journey, on a long (long time)
and winding (direction not making sense almost all the time) road (life),
and seeking patiently to walk with (vs. being left standing there)
the one pursued, on the road, and eventually through the door.

(their heart’s)

The song/words are sad because it reveals the pursuee is reluctant to
“let in” the pursuer.

(who knows why for sure – human nature is reluctant when pursued,

perhaps out of fear, – Fear – whether justified or not)

But also hopeful


because the pursuer knows in their heart, they will not give up in spite of the perhaps temporary unwillingness of the pursued.

For the one who loves unconditionally bares the burden and sadness of waiting for the other,
and the one who is loved, until they are ready to open the door and have them finally see there was nothing – nothing to fear,

The most wonderful of all is to know they are accepted, completely,
with all their faults and in spite of what the pursuer had to go through to finally be

“let in”.

A new start.


About mountiangirl

" Remembering the Past, celebrating the Present and believing in the Future. ∞ The scribbled notes,poems,poetry of our lives." I am a FREE SPIRIT, Mostly known as Mombo " The Mystery Woman " and a rare few call me " Mountian Girl " which they say is an honor and royality. Jerry Garcia - The Greatful Dead - I am a Fiber Artist - Spinning, Weaving and knitting. I am shy and speak little - this is where my PC talks for me. I love music but not rap. But my true love's are humor, old letters,poetry and history of all things forgotten. But also so that the younger generation can read of it too ( gain knowledge ) be it never known or just forgot. There is so much even I don't remember at my ripe young age of 51.
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